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VISA Debit (Check) Cards

Our VISA Debit (Check) Cards are a great way to access your funds. Use it to purchase groceries, make online purchases or get cash out of an ATM. Your VISA Debit (Check) Card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.


How can I get a VISA Debit (Check) Card?

  • Stop in at any Credit Union Office to pick up a VISA Debit (Check) Card Application. If you do not have a Checking account then you would want to open one when you pick up the application.

How do I activate my VISA Debit (Check) Card?

  • To activate your VISA Debit (Check) Card, call (866) 985-2273 from the phone number you listed on your VISA Debit (Check) Card application.

Help! My VISA Debit (Check) Card isn’t working or it was stolen/lost!

  • If you are having trouble with your card or if it was lost or stolen please call (866) 820-4863 or contact the Credit Union right away.

Can I access money from my Regular Shares at an ATM?

  • No, your VISA Debit (Check) Card is only linked to your Checking account.

Why is my balance at an ATM different from the Balance on Internet Teller?

  • When you use your VISA Debit (Check) Card to make a purchase it does not automatically come out of your account. It usually takes a couple days for it to post to your Checking account. It is very important to keep a register to make sure you do not overdraw your account.

I received a call about potential fraud on my VISA Debit (Check) Card, but I’m not sure if it is a Spam Call.

  • If there is potential fraud on your VISA Debit (Check) Card you will receive a call from our cardholder security department at (888) 918-7313. If you receive a call from this number please call them back because your card will be in a “warm” status and you will not be able to use your card. If you are still unsure about the number please reach out to any of the Credit Union Offices.


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