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Bill Consolidation Loans

Are your bills getting a out of control? Do you have multiple bills or loans with high interest rates? A Bill Consolidation loan may be right for you!

With a Bill Consolidation Loan through PACE Resources Federal Credit Union we can lump your bills into one monthly payment. Bring us your bills and a loan application and we can help you out today!


How does a Bill Consolidation Loan work?

Fill out an loan application and bring us copies of the bills that you want to consolidate. Once the loan is approved, we will write checks and send payments directly to the credit card companies or credit holders.

What are the Bill Consolidation Loan Rates?

Click here for a listing of our loan rates. Bill Consolidation would be considered a Signature Loan.

What can I pay off using a Bill Consolidation Loan?

With a Bill Consolidation Loan you can pay off the following:

  • Credit Cards
  • Medical Expenses
  • Personal Loans
  • Retail Store Cards

Is there a maximum loan amount?

Yes. The maximum loan amount is $10,000 if you do not have any other loans with PACE Resources Federal Credit Union.
*The aggregate of all loans to a member at one time, which is the maker of the loan, cannot exceed $85,000 plus financed insurance premiums. For example, a member can have a $10,000 Signature Loan, a $10,000 VISA Credit Card, and $65,000 Home Equity Line of Credit.



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